A company determined to make life better for others

My Background

For many years I studied to become professionally qualified in the field of Trichology & Aromatherapy. During that time I accumulated widespread knowledge in the research of Essential Oils and the beneficial qualities these have in helping humans and animals alike.

I realised then there was an opportunity in the animal world for manufacturing products that would not only help, but would also be friendly to the environment. Combinations of essential oils were tried and tested, both in the laboratory and numerous outlets in the field. Results were very encouraging, so I formed the company Stable Environment Ltd


Whilst developing the company, I always had the following objectives in mind:-

   Ingredients will contain pure essential oils as they work in perfect harmony with people animals and the environment.

  All products will promote healthy skin, perfumes will not be added.

•  Bright glossy labels with comical, graphical pictures will illustrate each product, so as children can easily identify them.

Each one is to have multiple benefits to help minimise maintenance costs.

Retail costs are to be very competitive and affordable so as to be available to as many people as possible.

They must also be biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

 Outlets for the product, whether wholesale or retail will be detailed on the website, which will help those companies aswell.

Finally and most importantly, regarding a matter close to my heart, I wanted to be able to help less fortunate animals. We are therfore, donating money on every product sold to 'Animals In Distress'. Please click onto our charity page for more information and to see how Stable Environment's hands on approach is helping this worth while cause.

I genuinely believe our products are unique, whilst being user friendly and kind to the environment. They have both human and animal interest at heart and represent a natural choice in the 21st century.

Everyone has a choice of which product to buy so why not choose one which not only satisfies your own needs, but helps other animals as well.


Why we choose to sponsor Animals In Distress...Read here