A few comments from happy customers...

" I wanted to write to you with a huge, heartfelt thank you. My little sister, Amy (23) was diagnosed with a degenerative spine condition earlier last year, called Spondylolisthesis. It's basically the same as kissing spines.
This got so painful that even sitting in the same position for any longer than 15minutes was agony. Amy couldn't wash her hair without being in tears, couldn't exercise, and (worst of all) couldn't ride her horse, Pandora. Of all breeds, Amy has what has to be one of the bounciest to ride - a Friesian. Which obviously isn't ideal when you suffer from chronic back pain. This meant Amy could ride every now and then, for 15mins max, mostly at walk with very few, short trots.
Amy's back is a lot better now that the physio has given her some very simple, but very effective exercises which means her core is a lot stronger and she can carry out everyday tasks with no pain. But the riding was still a huge problem, giving Amy pain for days after just 15mins of the saddle with maybe 2mins of walk and the rest at walk. It was so bad that she was having to consider buying a less bouncy ride, such as a Connemara, or keep Pandora, but give up riding. The decision was breaking her heart.
For Amy's birthday I purchased her a 'Block The Shock' seat saver. I'll be honest, I was very sceptical, and worried it wouldn't help, especially as the Heather Moffet seat savers did nothing for her, nor did the Acavallo gel seat savers, so I was just hoping this might be worth the money. Well, I needn't have worried.
Amy now rides most days of the week, she trots as much as she fancies, does pole work and is about to start teaching Pandora to canter. She has absolutely NO pain. Not while riding and not afterwards. I cannot stress enough how bad Amy's pain used to be, seeing crippled in agony and tears from the shortest ride. The likes of Tramadol, Codine and Naproxin have been prescribed for Amy and none of them touch the pain. It's horrible seeing her in so much pain when she hasn't even been able to enjoy a good ride on her horse, and then seeing her in more tears when having to try to decide what to do about it.
Well, all of that is a thing of the past thanks to this seat saver. I cannot sing it's praises enough! It is simply INCREDIBLE. The best £95 I've spent. Seeing Amy ride day in and day out with no limitations and NO PAIN, you can't put a price on that.
I've just ordered a Block The Shock half pad for my mare, Jenta, who suffers from an incredibly sensitive back and extreme tension through her back muscles, and I am hoping the half pad will offer some of the same benefits that the seat saver has, so that her full potential can be finally be reached.
Honestly, anyone suffering with chronic back pain - seriously consider buying one of these seat savers! They are worth their weight in gold.
From myself and Amy, THANK YOU! "

Leah Faulkner, Facebook  


" Re Half Numnah: It has made a massive difference to Jenta's way of going. I tried sheepskin half pads with no success, an Acavallo Gel Pad and no success and lastly a Cavallo Monty Roberts pad but she still wasn't comfortable. She is very thin skinned and incredibly sensitive, usually when I tack her up to lunge she humps and takes a long time to settle and work nicely (about 40mins) but when using the “Block The Shock Half Numnah” she worked happily with no humping or tension from the moment we started! Over the moon with it, it's definitely been a big contribution in my success of retraining Jenta and getting her happy to work under saddle! Thank you! And your detangler spray works a treat too, Amy is over the moon with that for using on Pandora's mane and tail xxx "

Leah Faulkner, Email  


" I have been using the Saddle Seat for several months now and it has completely revolutionised riding for me. I feel so much more secure, have zero back pain and it's even helped me straighten up, my physio has measured me this week and the curvature in my spine has reduced significantly, the only difference in my life is the Saddle Seat. Have just ordered the numnah as if the Saddle Seat works so well for me I cannot wait to see how my horse reacts! Thanks so much for designed these products. "

Helen Chester, Facebook  


" I am an advanced endurance rider who has been competing for 6 years. I have been using the seat saver pad from Stable Environment for the past 18 months and it has been a revelation. The lower back pain, which I had suffered from after riding, the consequence of a car accident 14 years ago, vanished. I really began to appreciate how much it helped when recently I rode a horse without it and the lower back pain returned with a vengeance. It is easy to fit, use and keep clean. I would highly recommend using it from any age to help prevent or relieve backache. "

Mandy Yarnold, Vice Chair Endurance Great Britain South East Group  


" I have had a magnificent 2014, I rode for the England Squad in Endurance at the Home International in Scotland in August where I completed an 87km ride over 2 days and achieved a GOLD, the highest result possible, I also achieved 2nd place in another event, I am so proud of my wonderful horse - Silver Prince Sadik. Another major achievement was gaining sponsorship from 'Stable Environment' and 'Tuffa Footwear'. Stable Environment provided me with their " Block the Shock Saddle Seat" and all I can say about this product is 'WOW and WONDERFUL.' I always suffer with lower back pain when I compete, the pain is excruciating and I have to take painkillers throughout the ride. I tested the "Block the Shock Saddle Seat" on the 7th September 2014 at the Boyton Hall Ride where I competed in the 81km ride. I wanted to test the Saddle Seat professionally and without bias so I rode 65km with the Saddle Seat and OMG I had no problems with my back, no pain at all, it was wonderful and unbelievable, an amazing product. I was so comfortable and pain free but most importantly my boy was moving beautifully because I wasn't hindering him because of my pain. I removed the saddle seat for the last 15km and within 1km I could feel pain in my back and because I was in pain my boy also felt it and it affected his performance. I recommend this Saddle Seat to everyone it is unbelievable the way in which it worked for me. "

Carol Chapman (England Gold Medallist, Endurance Riding) Email  


" Thanks for my saddle seat. No coccyx discomfort/pain when riding since I started using it a few weeks ago so very happy. Please let me know when the numnah is available for purchase as I would love my girl to feel the same comfort that I now have. Thanks "

Hazel Holmes, Email  


" Received the Saddle Seat. Many thanks also for the freebie - skin tonic, which is great for muddy legs. Due to weather I haven't been able to really test out the Saddle Seat but from what I have managed, I love it!. Very comfortable, total non-slip for rider and helping me sit more up right. I agree with below post from Helen and I am saving up for a numnah. Xx "

Julie Rana, Facebook  


" I've been using the Saddle Seat for several months now and it has completely revolutionised riding for me. I feel so much more secure, have zero back pain and it's even helped me straighten up.My physio has measured me this week and the curvature in my spine has reduced significantly, the only difference in my life is the Saddle Seat. Have just ordered the numnah as if the seat saver works so well for me I can't wait to see how my horse reacts! Thanks so much for designed these products. "

Helen Chester, Facebook  


" Another big vote for the Block the Shock, it has made a huge difference to both the speed and distance I can now comfortably do. I would like to try the numnah at some point. (Endurance Rider) "

Carole Pearce  


" I have to say these are very comfortable. Not had mine long so only ridden once on it. I have the pad on my office chair. My hips used to very bad when getting up but I don't have that problem anymore! "

Mel Dunn, Facebook  


" I have bulged lower spinal discs, arthritis of the spine and sciatica, riding was so painful! I Bought a Saddle Seat after first trying one for ten min's on ride and found instant relief!! I can recommend. Get one now ladies there great, I now can ride pain free! Xx "

Laura Gillott, Facebook  


" Well my seat saver came today, I am recovering from a pelvic fracture which consisted of 4 fractures, only just back on six weeks ago, and wasn't very comfortable, all I can say is wow, fantastic, never felt a bump, even though we had a hissy fit at some cows, really, really comfortable and does what it says, can't wait for the saddle pad to come out. "

Tracy Cherry, Facebook  


" The saddle seat arrived safely, I had ridden with it twice now in the field, having not ridden for a few weeks due to back pain. I am finding it really comfortable to ride in, have ridden without my back support and had no back pain at all. I am also finding it helps my seat so I am very pleased with it! "

Sheila Freeman, Facebook  


" I can only back this story, I read about the block the shock and showed my daughter the story regarding a endurance rider who tested the Block the Shock, she like myself was sceptical, another fad. But NO. We visited Horse Live and the first stall we saw was the Block the Shock stand. The first thing we bought was the Block the Shock Saddle Seat, my daughter was not only impressed with the Block the Shock but the understanding from the team selling it. It was meant to be her Xmas present, it was on the horse the next day and hasn't come off since, she feels safer and more comfortable and the horse seems more comfortable also. I am now saving for the numnah, its expensive yes but if it helps the horse as it helped my daughter, worth every penny, we are in the Bath/Bristol Area in Farmborough and anyone wishing to have a look and try it you are welcome to contact me. "

Kim McGarva-Owen, Facebook  


"Pie is a 16 hand piebald 11 year old cob who suffers from sweet itch. The first year we had him he rubbed his mane, tail and ears raw. The second year we managed to control the situation by a mixture of bug rug including full mask with ear covers, stabling and fly repellent. This year we tried Ultimate Two in One Fly Repellent and Skin Tonic. Initially we tried spraying on the product and results were encouraging but he was still scratching a bit. Mags suggested that we apply the product by sponge and make sure every part of him was covered so we moved on to sponge application and spraying mane and tail, particularly where the hair parts on his mane. Pie is now a very happy horse, he's been out 24/7 all summer with no rug and has no sweet itch. The other advantage is that Ultimate Two in One is really nice to use and the horses like it. They are very willing to have it applied around their eyes and do not avoid the spray. Equally, it is not irritating to us humans when we apply it "

Don and Sue Lupton 


" I just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the results I have tried using your products. My horses are the only fly free horses in my yard and also the only 2 that don't need fly masks! I have been very impressed with the 3in1 Tangle Free Mane & Tail Coat Shine Too"

Mandy Yarnold



" I'm impressed with the shampoo and K9 spray!. Billy (my yorkie/border crossbreed with a big flea allergy) has not needed his daily steriod pill for 4 days now! His fur is fluffy and his skin has calmed down. Here's hoping that we can throw away the steroids and get my streamline dog back!

Pip Pembroke



"I have a field that floods in winter and a river running along at the bottom. Needless to say midges and flies are a constant problem for my horses. I have made my own sprays and bought virtually everything on offer, but still had to rely on masks and rugs. This year I used your product - The Ultimate 2 in 1 Fly Repellent Skin Tonic- and I'm really impressed. I used half the amount as I only need to apply it every other day and I have not used a mask yet! My horses mane used to be full of midges and flies and would really bother him, now they do not land on him with this spray. I've recommended this to friends and won't be using any other product again".  

Sally Fletcher


" Your fly repellent is the best I have found in a long time, we have had no fly bites all summer, and unlike some products on the market it doesn't trigger my mums, mine or my partner's asthma when I spray the horses. The 3-1 tangle free is one of the best everyday detangler I have used in a long time, not only does it... leave my traditional cobs main tangle free it hasn't caused it to go wavy and horrible, the condition of his mane is coming along nicely. We have used the intimate body wash on two horses that had saw and itchy heels and the wash help to sooth the itching. Thank you for creating such wonderful products"

Hannah Wright



" AMAZING, this works for flies, helps skin irritations and I also used on riding hat. My horses have suffered with flies, but now I use you fly spray product-no longer need fly sheets. Also my horse used to rub his coat off - after going in the swomp - no longer itches and his skin/coat is amazing. We have also used it on our riding hats, rode in a wooded area and rode threw walls of flies, and no the flies seem to go near us. Would reccomend to everyone and will continue to use forever"

Sarah Worton



" Brill products, can not wait for the dog range to come out, have been using these on my dogs for well over a year now and I even take the shampoo to the groomers, my dog has very sensative skin and these are brill for her, plus they make her soooo white without using the bleach that so many whitening shampoos contain, plus how many companies can say that they donate 10% to charity?

Morgan Hurst


" Just wanted to say you products are great, and not only on the horses they have been used on our dogs too and there coats look fantastic. They are fab products and the help for animals in distress is just lovely"

Ashleigh Hurst-Knowles



" I just wanted to say I love these products. I have a 23yr old horse called ben who would not be able to travel without using the 5 in 1 Fresh H-Air, it's brilliant. The fly repellant is the best on the market, I also use it on myself and its great. The Stable scrub is great to keep horse boxes dust free inside we use it all the time. Well done for developing all these wonderful products"

Debbie Wheelwright



" Just wanted to say i have been using your fly spray and i think it is fantastic!! Most fly sprays are too harsh and bring some of my horses out in rashes but yours has been great! "

Nicola Sheard - Professional Show Jumper



" I have recently purchased some of your fly repellent and skin tonic and just wanted to say how pleased I am with the results. My donkey Jenny, suffers very badly with her eyes in the fly season and although I try to put a fly veil on, her foal keeps stealing it off her and running away with it. Luckily though since using your producr I have not yet had any problems at all. I spray her body and apply some with a sponge around her face and eyes and it really does seem to be working. Another benefit is it actually smells lovely. Keep up the good work"    

Lisa Harrison



Just a quick email to say your Tangle Mane & Tail is the best I have tried. I have used lots of products to try and take the time out of detangling, mostly to no avail. Having tried your product I cannot believe the speed at which twists in the tail come out! Her coat looks lovely and shiny too"                        

Natalie Whitehead



"Thank you so much for inventing the Ultimate 2in1 Fly Repellent & Skin Tonic. I have tried using Neem Oil before, but it has been thick and messy to handle which is a pain as I know it really works!. I can't thank you enough for having the forethought to produce Neem in a spray form. What a difference it has made to the quality of life for my horse"       

Sue - Leeds


My 18 year old gelding has always had a very runny nose whilst stabled. I have tried making every change possible for his management to stop his nose running. In winter with him being an older thoroughbred its not really possible for him to live out all the time. When I passed your stand at Your Horse Live, it was the 'aroma' that got my attention (Menthol & Eucalyptus). After purchasing the '5in1 Fresh H-air', I have been using it every since and he has never has a snotty nose since. All I do is spray his chest, neck and stable rug each evening and he no longer has a box of tissues outside his stable in the morning!

Laura & Zoomy - Sussex



We designed our products with multiple benefits, but you have found even more uses than we imagined! Listed below are some of the comments from our customers…

 Four Different people have told us their husbands have pinched their horses fly sprays for themselves to use when out fishing! We are now developing a human fly spray!

•  Buddies rugs in Goldbourne, told us that one of their customers said the '2in1 Ultimate Fly Repellent & Skin Tonic' is a very big seller and all their customers are very pleased with the results.

•  Farmers entering the Great Yorkshire Show have been bathing their prize cows in the '2in1 Intimate Equine Body Wash'

•  Claire Senior of Manor Grange Stud who has represented GB in Dressage and who hosts National Dressage Events at her family run stud show centre in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, uses and endorses our products.

•  We know of a lot of people who are using the '5 in1 Fresh H-AIR' for their own personal use. Although we are grateful of their comments on how lovely it is to spray around the home, we want you to be aware that this product does contain conditioners and may spot your furnishings. So please be extra careful!

•  We are so pleased to have excellent feed back from Hirds Veterinary Surgery, one of the largest in West Yorkshire, who sell our products and have even introduced them to cattle farmers!